Teachers in Trouble


Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson on Tuesday announced a finalized settlement in a federal securities fraud lawsuit against the Indiana State Teachers Association and the National Education Association, which had accused the groups of defrauding Indiana schools of more than $27 million. "Teachers and administrators alike can finally put this lawsuit behind them," Lawson said in a news release. "They will receive 50 cents on the dollar for the money ISTA and NEA misappropriated." The ISTA responded: "To protect the interest of school employees, ISTA and NEA funded litigation to sue those actually responsible for the collapse of the ISTA Insurance Trust. That litigation generated settlements in excess of $14 million, which are the sole source of the funds being used to resolve the state and school districts' cases... ISTA is grateful that this litigation has been resolved on terms that are fair to the school employees involved."


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