Tech N9ne

When: Fri., May 15, 7:30 p.m. 2015

Tech N9ne released his 15th studio album Special Effects last week on Strange Music, the independent label he co-founded back in 1999. Here’s a bit from Tech about the album from an interview early in the week.

NUVO: One week since the release of Special Effects, what’s the overall reaction from the hip-hop community and fans?

Tech N9ne: It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that almost every fan feels the same exact way that I knew they would. I said “this will be my best work to date” and everybody agrees — the majority agrees. You can think you’re dope all you want to but when (agreement) happens that means it’s a reality.

For Eminem to agree to do a song with me said, Tech you’re dope. For Corey Taylor of Slipknot to agree to do a song with said, Tech, you’re fucking dope. For Hopsin to do “Psycho Bitch III” with me says, Tech, you’re dope. For Excision to do “Roadkill” with me, Tech, you’re dope. It goes on and on and on. For T.I to do it, for 2 Chainz, Wayne, Yo Gotti and Audio Push. It’s like, wow, man.

All these people agreed and now the fans are agreeing, not because of the features only but the sound of the music, and the content, and the structure, and the artwork, and the coin, and the DVD — everything that comes with it. It’s so wonderful to feel that the majority is saying YES.

Price: $35

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