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The 100 Mile DJ Run



"Let's run to Coachella and play a set when we get there."


Might not be a bad idea if you lived around the corner, but Indiana University alumnus DJ Sleeper and fellow Los Angeles-based DJ Aristocrat have decided to run the 100 mile journey to garner awareness and funding for Charity: Water. In doing so, they are trying to raise $50,000 that would provide sustainable clean drinking water for at least 500 families.

The idea came to Sleeper (Ken Chen) and Aristocrat (John Walski) after reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. "We wanted to show the potential of the average person while raising money for a great cause," said Chen. So with only limited time and means, Sleeper and Aristocrat have already raised nearly $9,000 as they prepare for their four day, 100 mile jog across mountainous terrain and scorching desert. Of course when they finish running, they'll be at Coachella just in time to DJ a special invite-only event that will broadcast live.

In addition to both artists giving up multiple shows each in order to do this, they are also having to foot the bills for medics, food, and sleeping arrangements during their run. If you or your business would like to sponsor their efforts, please contact Dae Bogan at or 310-430-6851.

To find out more about the 100 Mile DJ Run and to support, please visit Charity: Water 100 Mile DJ Run. For more information about Charity: Water and to learn how you can help, visit Charity: Water.


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