The Armory

When: Fri., Dec. 5, 10 p.m. 2014

The Armory (Rock/Indie/Alternative), from Atlanta, Ga, has been a staple in the South Eastern music scene for the last 3 years. Made up of Sean Wheeler (Vocals), Marc Harris (Vocals/Bass), Matt Powell (Guitars), John Patton (Guitars) and Ben Harris (Drums) is rapidly becoming one of the hottest bands on the East Coast.

Since their arrival on the scene in May 2009, they have numerous tours under their belt and a high-rising fan base to show for it. They have released two successful EP’s, Sleepwalking to the Ends of The Earth (September 2009) and Dynasty (March 2011). Building off of their success with there 2009 release, The Armory’s 2011 release, Dynasty has shown the bands maturation as a band over the last two years. Digging into some of their more recent influence and really showing their innate abilities as songwriters.

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