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The astrologically compatible Odyssey Favor


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The Odyssey Favor is a well balanced band, at least in the astrological sense. “All members are from Ohio and each element of the zodiac is represented in the band. I'm fire, Erik [Styles] is a Virgo (earth), Chad [Dressler] is Cancer (water — and psychic) and [Andrew Lee] Shutz is a Libra (air),” founding member Jenny Elig reports.

Don’t let the trippy talk of star alignment fool you. The Odyssey Favor is power pop, indie-style. Elig and Dressler decided to start at band while attending Tonic Ball in 2006, made good on the resolution the next year, then released an eponymous album in 2008.

A fashion editor by day and rocker by night, Elig says that she "usually hounds the guys about what they're wearing and try to make sure my hair is OK. I'm trying to get us to adopt a band uniform. I move around a lot more easily when I'm wearing low-heeled shoes, like my Moon Boots, but I love wearing heels. It's important to be comfortable, otherwise the rest of the evening is gonna suck.”

When asked what it was like to be the only woman in the band, Elig replied, “Oh, it's peachy. The question should be, 'What's it like being 95 percent of the sex appeal of The Odyssey Favor?’ And to that I would say...surprisingly less remarkable than it sounds.”

From left: Elig, Dressler, Styles, Schutz
  • From left: Elig, Dressler, Styles, Schutz

Elig grew up in a musical household. “Mom is a big whistler and she was a stern taskmistress when it came to practicing. My dad was and is a bass player — but I didn't internalize that until I started playing as well. I thought he played guitar. He's in a band in Florida, where my parents live.

"He was in a couple of Cincinnati bands that gained some popularity, one was also ‘popular in Europe,’ according to my dad. Yes, I'm putting air quotes around that. His stage name was Ramona Maggot, he hung out with Alice Cooper — and by hang out with, I think he means drank a lot of cheap wine with him — and he swears up and down that Suzi Quatro hit on him. He turned her down because she was ‘too short.’ Whatever."

“I sang songs from 'Annie' a lot. It was my favorite musical and to be candid, I still really dig it. One of my dad's happiest moments ever was when I sat down at the piano and picked out the opening refrain to Cream's 'White Room.'"

As for Elig's current musical tastes, “My favorite music tends to be electronic music. I also like some heavier stuff, like this British band Invasion, that's like if Sabbath had a chick singer who sounds like Beth Ditto from Gossip. I'm really digging chillwave/glo-fi right now, I will always love Chicago's band The Chamber Strings and I can really get down with some Pulp and Belle & Sebastian.”

Elig is excited about The Odyssey Favor’s gig at Locals Only this Friday. “We get to play with some of our favorite people. Sean and Kent of Finest Grain are playing that night and we might resurrect our joint venture Rock Ness Monster. Locals is just a great place to play. Everyone is really friendly and we have a good time every time we're there.” Chad Mills is opening the show.


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