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The Asylum House might put you in one



A mainstay in the the Indianapolis haunt scene known for its handsy, relentless monsters, The Asylum House doesn’t disappoint this year. You’ll encounter the usual suspects: rabid clowns, the undead, and the unholy trinity of Jason, Michael, and Freddy. This cast of characters is allowed to (and will) touch, harass, and separate you from your group. Keeping with the times, a shrieking ghoul might even encourage you to take a selfie with your smartphone (a brilliant marketing move to say the least, haunted houses are notoriously strict in their camera policies). Timing is everything in a haunted house and this one gets it right; if the actors don’t work hard to slow your pace, you risk sprinting the whole thing in four minutes flat. Witness a mad scientist accidentally turn himself into a bug and pause to enjoy a cup of tea with the Mad Hatter-- it will give you just enough time to catch your breath before the next round of demons has you running for your life.


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