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The Big, Bad and Bizarre

When: Ongoing

The dinosaur art gallery currently featuring the exhibit Dragons Unearthed will convert to The Big, Bad and Bizarre on Sept. 21 with new paleo art from the collection of John Lanzendorf decking the walls. Lanzendorf is a Chicago hairstylist who amassed one of the world's largest collections of dinosaur-themed artwork, which is now owned by The Children's Museum.

The gallery will highlight the art of Luis Rey, a Spanish-Mexican artist residing in London. Rey has been a Symbolist and Surrealist painter, sculptor and amateur paleontologist for most of his life and currently devotes most of his time to nature illustration and paleontological work. He utilizes mixed media of acrylics and inks with airbrush, color pencils and markers over cardboard. He also creates clay modeling and digital media.

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