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The Cocaine Wolves, "Royal Feast"



How could anyone dislike The Cocaine Wolves? The greasiest thing to come out of Muncie in forever, they play grooving hard rock with a heavy debt to Defenders of the Faith-era Judas Priest, Bad Reputation-era Thin Lizzy and Flat as a Pancake-era Head East. They've put those influences to good use on their short-but-sweet, 9-song debut, Royal Feast.

The perfect summertime cruising album, Royal Feast starts off fast and furious with "Live Right, Live Tight," the awesome "Snatching Death (From the Jaws of Life)" and "Ladies' Night," before slowing down a bit with "Station Fades Away" a song which Phil Lynott could have beamed in from his grave.

At the heart of the record, two songs stand above the rest: "Balls City," a catchy hard rockin' epic that should be adopted by Muncie as its official song, and "Dingeaux's Montreux," a masterpiece of local metal that takes off where Freewheel Burning left off.


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