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The Colts Report Week 14: Welcome to the Jungle


The offense is looking to come alive in the Jungle. (Cincinnati) - PHOTO COURTESY INDIANAPOLIS COLTS
  • Photo Courtesy Indianapolis Colts
  • The offense is looking to come alive in the Jungle. (Cincinnati)

Colts Report: Week 14- Welcome to the Jungle

Just win baby. That is what the Colts (8-4) have been doing this year. Last week they didn't play great, but managed to pull out the victory against the Titans. With four games left before they enter the playoffs the Colts will now focus on building much needed positive momentum.

The Andrew Luck that was dominate early this season has been missing in action since the massive win against the Broncos. Reggie Wayne has proven his value to the team, the offense and the young quarterback. A number one receiver means a lot these days with the NFL now primarily a passing league. Just look at Atlanta this year. A Super Bowl contender coming into the season now has one of the worst records in the league after having it's top two receivers out most of the year. The only quarterbacks that have proven success with injuries to the receiving corps are the big names of the game. Peyton, Rodgers, Brees, and Brady.

This week the Colts will shuffle across the state line to play the Cincinnati Bengals (8-4). They are leading the AFC North Division and have one of the best defenses in the league.

Their young quarterback, Andy Dalton, has also been struggling and like the Colts the team still finds a way to win games.

These two teams are very similar. With a victory in the jungle on Sunday the Colts will officially win the division and be in the post season. It would also give them a one-game lead over the Bengals for the number three seed in the playoffs. The two teams have 8-4 records, and the Colts currently have the number three seed because they have a better conference record.

Pagano said that was goal one for this team.

"It's our first goal. At the start of season we gather in Anderson for training camp and that is the goal. Winning the division is a tribute to the coaches and players, but it doesn't let you let off the gas. Somebody is going to get hot. We control our own destiny. Once you get in, don't exhale, just keep gathering steam."

Andrew Luck has never played a game in the snow and the forecast is calling for some of the white, fluffy stuff in Cincinnati on Sunday.

"I'm very excited about it., said Luck, " I love playing outside, there is something about it that is fun."

Luck might be throwing snowballs on Sunday for the first time. - PHOTO BY MARK DUBEC
  • Photo by Mark Dubec
  • Luck might be throwing snowballs on Sunday for the first time.

Although Pagano said he has not thought about seeding in the playoffs because he is focused only on the Bengals, his quarterback was singing a different tune.

"It would be big. Coach Pagano has sort of spelled out where we are as a team, said Luck, "it's good, I think to be aware of that, but at the same time it's a football game and we go out to win every football game. Especially when its down in Cincinnati a couple of hours away. It's a good little rivalry."

Robert Mathis wants to visit New York in February. - PHOTO BY MARK DUBEC
  • Photo by Mark Dubec
  • Robert Mathis wants to visit New York in February.

The Colts have some veteran players on the team that know the value of playing good football this time of year. Robert Mathis is looking for momentum.

"The team that plays the best in December and January is the team that goes the furthest in the playoffs. We are playing to go to New York in February and that is the bottom line. The way to get there is to win games. Every game means that much more now."

This will be a great matchup of two teams that find themselves in similar situations. The Colts want to get the momentum going now and bring home a victory that will further help their positioning and seeding for the playoffs. The first goal was to win the division, that is all but completed given the records of the other teams in the division. The other goal that Robert Mathis mentioned about playing in New York (The Super Bowl) come February, that will take a better effort from a team that has been just getting by. Time to step it up fellas.


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