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The Death of The Dojo



Fly those black flags at half mast, because The Dojo is dead. After just around a year of existence, the small, east-side venue is shutting down...for good. This is the final nail in the coffin lid of a catastrophic summer for the local punk rock scene. The three main house venues all shut down this Summer, which stank, but at least we had The Dojo on which to rely. Now we don’t even have that.

The Dojo had always been in a tight spot with grumpy neighbors constantly complaining about the noise levels. In the past few months, however, the Dojo’s operators had run a pretty safe operation, making sure that shows ended on time and that crowds never got too rowdy or disruptive in the neighborhood. Sadly, these measures were not enough to preserve the venue in it’s fragile state.

So now, there is no place left in the city for small, all-ages punk rock shows. None. Unless I am forgetting something, in that case, please let me know because I am scrambling to move some of the shows that I had booked at The Dojo!

No Mo Dojo: You dont have to mosh at home, but you cant mosh here...
  • No Mo' Dojo: You don't have to mosh at home, but you can't mosh here...

the E.S. Jungle is a decent alternative, but with a 350 capacity and a $300 rental fee, it is too big and too pricey for most smaller shows. So it’s not really an option at all. The Earth House is also too big and too expensive to house smaller shows, and I don’t know how keen they’d be to have mosh pits in their fancy space.

Bars like Radio Radio, The Melody Inn and The Vollrath will continue hosting great, small punk shows, but only for those of us aged enough to pass through their doors.

This is a huge blow to the music scene and for the city. No venues mean no place for smaller touring bands to play which means no one will be coming through Indianapolis anytime soon. I hope a new space (be it a basement or otherwise) will arise to meet our needs, but until then, I think we might be fucked.

Jookabox: We Might Be Fucked


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