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Last Friday at the Dojo, or LFatD, is the brain child of scene elder, Jon Suiters. Every last Friday of the month, Suiters puts together a showcase of unknown local bands. Having started in April, LFatD is now ready for its 3rd installment.

Past LFatDs have included more "established" acts like Picked Clean, but the bulk of the bands are bands that have, for whatever reason, yet to accumulate a following in the city. The show tomorrow (it's kind of hard to believe that we are already on the last Friday of June) will feature all un-established bands (aside from Religious Police): Rumor Has It, Sick World, Media Blitz and Life Won't Wait.

With the three major house venues down-and-out and the E.S. Jungle not doing anything of interest, it appears that The Dojo is the city's last hope for all-ages punk rock fun this summer. The tiny East side venue already has 15 shows booked through the end of August. And breaking from the mold of last year, the venue is hosting more than just metal and hardcore shows: this Summer will see the The Dojo open its doors to pop-punk (Sandworms- 7/12, Cain Marko- 7/28) and ska (Green Room Rockers - 8/4).

This weekend, if you miss Religious Police at the LFatD show, then you can always swing by on Saturday to catch them play again with Deceiver, What Lurks and straight edge clowns Razor X Fade.

LFatD: Sadly, Life Wont Wait is NOT a Rancid cover band.
  • LFatD: Sadly, Life Won't Wait is NOT a Rancid cover band.


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