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The Gizmos at Mel tonight


  • Wayne Bertsch
  • The Gizmos

Thanks to Wayne Bertsch for kicking off Gizmos week with this great Barfly.

Here's a collection of things we've written about the Gizmos in the last few years. Now, this isn't the Dale Lawrence-era Gizmos. This lineup reunites Kenne Highland, Eddie Flowers, Ted Niemiec and Rich Coffee, alongside Max Demata (bass from Sonic Daze), John Terrill (drums from Dancing Cigarettes) and Ian Brewer (guitar from the Panics) - this is the group that issued three EPs on Gulcher, not the Gizmos that made Hoosier Hysteria with Dow Jones and The Industrials. It's the first time they've played since the '70s.

Here's the Gizmos in Bloomington last night with "Human Garbage Disposal." (H/T to Mike Kole for the video)

And here's Deezen, opening last night for the Gizmos at the Bishop with "Never Gonna Kill Myself Again."


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