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The Intergalactic Nemesis

When: Thu., March 29, 7 p.m. 2012

The Intergalactic Nemesis is a hilarious, uplifting adventure of heroes-by-circumstance overcoming impossible odds. The year is 1933. Pulitzer-winning reporter Molly Sloan, her intrepid assistant Timmy Mendez, and a mysterious librarian named Ben Wilcott face the most serious threat Earth has ever known: an impending invasion of sludge monsters from the planet Zygon. This period-sci-fi-horror-suspense- comedy-romance is presented in a whole new format: while three actors, one Foley artist, and one keyboardist perform all the voices, sound effects and music, more than 1,000 hand-drawn, full-color, hi-rez, blow-your-mind comic-book images blast from the screen, all performed LIVE. This show is appropriate for all ages.

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Price: $15 adult; $10 youth; $5 AD; $10 DOOR BSU students; $12 artist series subscribers & Pick 4+.

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