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The Juxtapoze Opportunity Cost



Strategically arriving to Juxtapoze at 10:57 last night (ladies free until 11!), I discovered DJ Manic and Dave Owen tag-teaming on stage. Examining the set-up, I observed the super-tall and slender Manic hunched over a short fold-up table that left his body bent in a nearly permanent 90 degree angle. He seemed oblivious to the physical hindrance though, steadily rocking his body to the beats and stepping back occasionally to enjoy the powerful drops with visible emotion.

Tha Doc, scheduled to dish up a healthy serving of dubstep on last night’s Juxtapoze buffet, offered an appetizer of plain ‘ole hip hop first. The change of pace was well-received and a relaxed precursor to the heavy wobble he would inevitably deliver before the set concluded.

The climax of the April 27th edition of Juxtapoze came when Rudy Kizer (host and producer of the weekly radio show Hit The Decks) took control of the sound. Kizer is well-connected in the world of electronic music and stays mentally active producing his weekly radio show, as well as contributing regularly to As one would expect, this well-rounded collection of music knowledge shines through in his live performances. The most widely appealing set of the night approached mash-up status with a wicked rendition of “Mr. Crowley”, yet inexplicably managed to be so much cooler than any mash-up I’ve ever heard before.

I almost didn’t make it out to The Melody Inn last night; the temptation to crawl into bed at 10:30 p.m. was strong. Evaluating my decision to suck up my sleepiness and go anyways, I considered the opportunity cost of, for lack of a better term, wimping out. As I sit behind my computer at work on less than four hours of sleep today, I can confirm that seeing familiar faces, being introduced to new friends, supporting local talent, and dancing like a fool far exceed the benefits of a few measly hours of rest. Consider this realization next time you’re on the fence about a weeknight event in Indianapolis: it may be hard to find the motivation to go, but once you’re there… you won’t regret it.

Next week, swing by The Mel to see what Juxtapoze is all about. It's a great pit-stop on your way downtown for Let Go! at The Lockerbie. Start the mental preparation now; Tuesday is the new Saturday, you know.

Juxtapoze schedule for May 2010
  • Juxtapoze schedule for May 2010


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