The Lone Bellow, Odessa

When: Sun., March 1, 8 p.m. 2015

The Lone Bellow is a trio that has a hard time deciding what kind of music they exactly want to make. On new album Then Came The Morning, their second, the band’s sounds vary from bustling Americana to chamber folk. That’s because, as singer Zach Williams told us on Monday, they were trying to let each song speak to them to tell them what it wanted it to be. There’s also an inextricable influence of family on this record, Williams’ three daughters in particular. Here’s what he said about them: “My oldest has the pain tolerance of a mule. She’s very tough. That’s Loretta. Betty, my middle child, is very tender-hearted. Ever since she was little, she would find someone in the room and go sit in their lap. It was weird. It was usually the person having a really bad day. My youngest is too young to figure out. She’s like a year and a half, so she just screams too much. But their personalities definitely bleed into the work that I do and the values behind how I try to do the work that I do. Loretta asked me a couple weeks ago, ‘Hey, do all the dads in Brooklyn tour?’ And I’m like, ‘No, no, they don’t.’ And she’s like, ‘Well, I want to tour. I want to tour with you some.’ So we do that. They come out with me.”

Price: $15-17

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