The Mug (Irvington)

If you've ever sojourned to The Mug in Greenfield or had a Mug Double or one of their famous tenderloins delivered to your doorstep by ClusterTruck, then your already know why this is an exciting addition to this Eastside cultural hub. The only problem you'll run into here is it's crazily popular, so you may have to wait a bit, but once you get a taste that wait will quickly slide from your mind. Don't miss out on the garlic fries. I repeat: don't miss out on the garlic fries. The Mug is owned by the same people and Tyner Pond Farms supplies all of the meat to The Mug, making it a true farm-to-fork experience. And don't make a quick trip next door to the Tyner Pond Market to get yourself some truly quality products to take home to your own kitchen. 

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