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The Nocturnalist: Bless This Scene

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Editor's note: From time to time, NUVO has the great pleasure of introducing exiting new series and projects. Today is one of those days, as we bring you the first installment of The Nocturnalist, a new series by IU students Kaylie Starkey and Tessa Donolli highlighting Bloomington's DIY music scene. 

Indy’s sister city Bloomington sets the stage for some of the most charismatic, unique and passionate young musicians and artists. As a college town with countless innovative, wide-eyed young adults, wicked cool events manifest every night of the week within a few mile radius. Everything from venue concerts, to DIY basement shows, poetry slams, benefit art shows, open mic nights and front yard festivals happen under the leadership of not corporate organizations, but students. The best part? Most of it is free, or under what you can make in an hour working at your local coffee shop.

The Nocturnalist series — made by two nocturnal journalists and visual media production junkies — will bring you the best of the scene that, like them, thrives under the moonlight. This monthly series will include mini documentaries on artists, festivals, and events; as well as interviews with local and touring musicians. They’re here to shine a light on those in the dark — even if it means staying up all night. 


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