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The Pummels surprise with single


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Time in the studio is money by the minute, and generous studio owners are a hard find. Fortunately, there are those studio owners, like Indy's Wes DeBoy, who in March offered bands the chance to win three days of free studio time and one day of mixing for the full production of a single. After collecting all of the entries, Wes would select a group at random. Bands from as far as New York and Alabama entered, but the winners weren't two hours away.

Hailing from Kokomo, Ind., Adam Kinney and Luke Cross of The Pummels have been working together since 2010. Taking inspiration from The Black Keys and The Greenhornes, these guys throw down heavy riffs with even heavier drums. The duo released an EP earlier last year and was planning on heading into the studio for another when DeBoy's opportunity came around to kick-start their operation.

NUVO: How did it feel once you learned that Wes had selected you to record with?

Adam Kinney: We were pretty excited. To be honest, we were a little nervous. We really like playing live but when it comes to getting into the studio, it almost feels like work: trying to get that exact sound you want and everything. But Wes made us feel right at home. You didn't really feel like you were recording when you were with him. It just felt like laying down jams.

NUVO: What was different about producing this single?

Kinney: We went about it the same way: got a really good drum track and built off that. You could tell Wes what sound you were going for and he's really good about giving you tips on how you can get to that sound you want. Which is really nice, because we never really worked with someone that has that kind of experience.

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NUVO: The single is being released in anticipation of an album?

Kinney: We've been working some songs, thinking about putting together an EP, but then we kind of got in the mindset, "Why don't we just record songs as we finish them, try to put them out as we go, keep putting them out during shows to build a bigger audience." Then this opportunity just fell in our laps and worked out really well so we took the song that we felt we had the most complete. We got a really good product, I think.

NUVO: Do you think you'll work with Wes again in the future?

Kinney: Yeah, I'd really like to. Like I said, he's really easy to work with. You don't feel that pressure of when you record, even with your friends, it's kind of like, "All right, we're about to hit the record button -- this is your take." With Wes it's more of, "We're going to do some run-throughs and see how it goes'. Before you know it, you're halfway done with the song.

NUVO: Any projected dates for when you'd like to be back in the studio?

Kinney: I'd probably give it a few months. Take some time to get some shows in there and get our band fund up a little bit.
"First Man," by The Pummels


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