The Real World moves to Indy

April Fools Special


The company who produces the popular reality series, The Real World, made a last minute decision to move the program from Austin, Texas, to here in the Circle City.

The decision came after protesters vandalized and set fire to the Austin complex. Sources confirm that the series has been underway in Indianapolis for the past three weeks. In addition, this season’s cast will work and live at Edgar's Backyard Bowl-A-Rama located somewhere in the Speedway area.

Several sightings of the cast and crew have been reported at retail areas and nightspots in the city. Most recently, several cast members were seen at a popular nightspot downtown. Two cast members were involved in an incident resulting in their arrests. At this time, the causes of their arrests are not clear; however, several witnesses recalled the cast members being very intoxicated, throwing beer cans at patrons and exposing themselves to the crowd.

It is not certain how long the show will continue taping in the city, but the creator of the show had some insight for the future of the show.

"As long as there are attention-hungry media whores in this world, The Real World will continue to produce semi-pornographic and non-important television."

Here's a rundown on the alleged cast for this year:

A 23 year old, self proclaimed "country girl." She enjoys sewing and manual labor.

According to sources, he is the man on campus at Hamburger University.

A dance instructor from Orange, Texas.

An American Idol reject.

A male model from Kansas City.

Melissa Jennifer:
A Mormon from Salt Lake. See her criminal history on

A resurrected evil spirit from an ancient ruin found in Kuala Lampur.


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