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The Tillers, The Whipstitch Sallies

When: Fri., Nov. 14, 8:30 p.m. 2014

The Tillers got their start in August 2007 when they started thumping around with some banjos and guitars and a big wooden bass. Their earliest gigs were for coins and burritos on the city's famous Ludlow Street in the district of Clifton. The songs they picked were mostly older than their grandparents. Some came from Woody Guthrie, some were southern blues laments, and many were anonymous relics of Appalachian woods, churches, riverboats, railroads, prairies, and coal mines.

Always moving, The Tillers continue to enter new territory. Their musical growth can be heard through the scape of their many releases, 2008′s debut record Ludlow Street Rag, 2010′s By The Signs, 2011′s Wild Hog in the Woods, 2012′s Live from the Historic Southgate House, 2013′s Hand On The Plow and many more bootleg releases. The band's lineup has also taken new shape. In February 2010, long-time bassist Jason Soudrette fondly parted ways with the group, being replaced by Aaron Geil, brother of guitarist Sean. Recalibrating has not slowed their pace.

The Whipstitch Sallies began as close friends discovering bluegrass music for the first time. Allie Burbrink (guitar, banjo) and Sam Roberts (mandolin, guitar) met while working as summer camp guitar players in 2007. Bluegrass was no longer something that their grandfathers listened to; it was alive and being played by their peers. A few years later, Allie was exploring bluegrass style with Sam joining in with her new mandolin; together they learned the old bluegrass standards.

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