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The Time Machine



Just recently, I finished reading H.G. Wells’ science fiction masterpiece The Time Machine. While the story focused on the problems that humankind faces in the distant future, it made me think a lot about the past.

It is so easy to look back to the past with such admiration and look at the present with such disdain. People toss around the phrase “The Good Old Days” quite a bit in reference to a so-called “better time”. But what few people realize is that the only truly good day is, in fact, today.

Some in the punk and hardcore scene seem to be fixated on the ancient history of Indianapolis’ punk past. They fail to realize that there is no time travel technology to take them back to 1980. The Zero Boys were a great, influential band. They, along with The Gizmos, were Indiana’s only link to the “glory” days of punk-rock.

Back in the day: The Zero Boys
  • Back in the day: The Zero Boys

But that was then. Even though The Zero Boys have reunited and still play every now and then, the fact remains that their period of importance ended when they broke up for the first 1986. Also, a dispute over payment between the (reunited) Zero Boys and Dude Fest promoter Derek Black showed just how far removed The Zero Boys are from the current music scene.

What those bands did in their day was great, but there’s no honor in resting on laurels. The scene is what we have right now. It is Dude Fest and The Dojo and The Sorely Trying Days and Vital Error and basement shows. If you don’t like the bands, then start your own. If you don’t like the venues, then open up your house for shows. If there’s something that you don’t like, do something about it. Don’t just complain about how good the past was, because that will get us nowhere. Kudos to everyone who is doing something for the scene right now (yes, even The Piradical kids) and here’s to hoping that you keep doing it. And for all you old farts who are dwelling on the past, have fun waiting for that time machine...

Morlocks and Eloi: they didnt even remember who the Zero Boys were.
  • Morlocks and Eloi: they didn't even remember who the Zero Boys were.


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