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The top 3 destinations for your 4/20 celebration


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I don’t know what makes 4/20 a special date for you, but in my home it's simply the celebration of my roommate’s half birthday. Nonetheless (and to the delight of my roommate), there appear to be a lot of great places hosting live music around the city tonight. My picks for the top three 4/20 hot spots in Indianapolis are below:


Pick #1: Midwest Hype, Mudkids, Adam Jay, Psynapse & more at Tru Nightclub (Broad Ripple)
Tru (occupying the 2nd and 3rd levels of the building that was Buckwildz, Seven, and Eden in previous lives) is currently Broad Ripple’s most friendly and versatile Nightclub. The two-tier bar presents a lower level lounge appropriate for fraternizing over cocktails, while a short trip upstairs will transport guests into a small concert arena complete with a risen stage and VIP hangout. The nightclub boasts a spectrum of eclectic music offerings from electronic dance music to plain ole rock’n’roll.

For 4/20, Tru has teamed up with and G9 Collective in their continual efforts to cross pollinate the EDM and jam band scenes. On the main stage, La Porte’s Midwest Hype will headline with their arsenal of funky, reggae-inspired hip hop jam along side local legends The Mudkids. In the downstairs lounge, some of Indy’s best DJ’s will man the decks, including Helicon, Jackola, Deanne, Psynapse, Adam Jay, and Lee Majors. Classify this one as a mega-deal, offering a lengthy list of artists under one roof for a measly $3.


Pick #2: Hyryder at The Mousetrap (Broad Ripple)
Deemed the local hippie bar time and time again, The Mousetrap’s reputation never eclipses its own contributions to our local music scene. The laid-back, open-minded atmosphere offers a safe haven for all the nonconformists that never really gave a shit if they “fit in” anywhere else or not. Recent renovations have only improved the already-hip Mousetrap Bar & Grill. With the stage sunken further into the kitchen and back room, the side entrance now opens to a large, unobstructed dance floor with plenty of room for twirling skirts and raucous body jamming.

For 4/20, The Mousetrap presents Hyryder, Indy’s best Phish and Grateful Dead cover band. Recently announced as part of the Mojo Stock 2010 Festival bill, Hyryder is quickly making their mark and gaining attention in the Indianapolis local music scene. After you get your mind right, head over to the token hippie bar and celebrate appropriately (and for free).


Pick #3: Shadyside Allstars & Shaggy Wonda at Booney’s (Avon)
2009 saw the beginning of a new destination for jam band enthusiasts. Still rolling strong more than a quarter into the new year, it appears that Booney’s is here to stay. With a weekend concert lineup that easily rivals hippie-friendly shows at The Mousetrap, Westsiders finally have a local, safer place to congregate in the presence of good music.

Tonight, Hidden Relic will host an all-ages show with psychedelic hard rockers The Shadyside Allstars and Bloomington funksters Shaggy Wonda at Booney’s for $3 (or free if you contact Joey at and join the newsletter distribution list).


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