View from the couch: Palin/Daniels 2012



I'm not endorsing a PalinDaniels ticket, I am predicting it; though, I would be happy if it never comes to be, obviously.One thing I would predict with more certainly is that Our Man Mitch will be the veep on any 2012 ticket the Republicans eventually put together.And, if I were truly mercenary, I would buy up the domain names of all the likely GOPers who are going to run and put Daniels' name second., etc.

As I wrote some time ago, thankfully Daniels' lack of stature (literally) will prevent him from running successfully for the top of the ticket, even though his lack of stature (figuratively) should be enough to stop him.Daniels is no dummy; he's just another crony capitalist, misbegotten supply-sider, wrong about most everything, beginning, first and foremost, with his pronouncements about the U.S. economy, the war in Iraq, its cost, etc., when he served George W. Bush as OMB Director early in Bush's first term.That's when Daniels quit and returned home to let us Hoosiers benefit from his service as governor, just as Dan Coats has happily come home, sort of, to become, once again, our junior Senator.Hooray for all that!

But Daniels will give the PalinDaniels ticket some intellectual heft, if not height. Daniels is able to say the preposterous with a straight face, just like all the other leading Republicans currently in Congress do, when they say the top two percenters need a tax cut, that they are the job creators, all those hedge fund managers and lawyers who make up the small business community in the eyes of the bedazzled Republicans.

But, you have to hand it to them. They prevaricate with a straight face.Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said gleefully on the Sunday talk shows that the American people have spoken in last month's election and that they demand the millionaires get their Bush-era tax rates.That's what the election was all about, and on Meet the Press he said, "I and my members feel that the American people feel strongly that taxes shouldn't go up" and David Gregory just stared at him and said nothing.

That might have been what the Obama 2008 election was about, but 2010 decidedly wasn't about tax cuts for millionaires.Those many congressional elections seemed to be about the cries of the injured, blue-collar workers voting irrationally for gold-plated plutocrats.

Now most everyone in the progressive community has turned on President Obama, more in sorrow than in rage.His early capitulation to the Wall Street movers and shakers and the medical establishment's potentates stained him too much, and his pro-war conduct in Iraq and Afghanistan have made him indistinguishable from the previous administration, even though the GOP calls him every name in the book (Socialist, etc.) to stir up enough eye-stinging dust so the populace won't notice or believe it.Believe that Obama I is just a continuation of Bush II, with style differences.

And now The Great Conciliator (or The Great Compromiser – you choose) has handed the Republicans their tax relief for millionaires, saying, earlier Monday in a speech at a North Carolina community college, "We're coming up with a solution, even if it's not a hundred percent of what I want or what the Republicans want." Well, it's ninety percent, or more, of what the Republicans wanted.

And, along the way, Obama has managed to turn the Social Security System into a 401K emergency piggy bank, by taking a two percent tax "holiday," borrowing for general revenue even more than in the past from a solvent system that has been used as a cash cow for governmental incompetence and greed.Obama's "solution" is a total disaster in every way. And he doesn't even seem to know it. He doesn't want to be seen "playing politics," he says. By now, we all see he doesn't play politics very well.So much so, one wonders why he wanted to be president. He should stick to playing hoops, bloody lip notwithstanding.

Obama, alas, as any number of people have begun to notice, will be a candidate without a following, a passionate following that is, in 2012.Yes, Democrats will vote for him, but who will work for him?His base is now found hiding in undisclosed locations. That's the depressing question and why something like PalinDaniels2012 is not so far-fetched and laughable, even now.


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