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The Vollrath shuts its doors


Historic photo of The Vollrath.
  • The Vollrath's owner submitted this historic photo of the now-defunct bar, which had been in operation since 1926.

Brian Alvey, owner of the Vollrath Tavern, shuttered the doors last week after four years of operation as a music venue. Rest assured, the spirit of the Vollrath is not gone for good; Alvey is regrouping and planning to open another venue in the extremely near future.

Fans of the historic venue have expressed shock at the seemingly rapid closing of the tavern. Alvey acknowledges that the announcement of the closure did seem sudden and expresses lament that his plans did not work out as expected. For many months, Alvey had been in negotiations to move into another venue and continue the musical performances he had booked for the Vollrath's stage. However, in the final stages of negotiations, the second location fell through and the Vollrath had already been sold.

This leaves Alvey temporarily stalled. He can continue to search for another location, but in the meantime must reschedule all of the booked shows that were supposed to happen at his original club. However, he believes that the loyalty he curated at the Vollrath will buoy him until he can figure out where he's going next.

Alvey spoke candidly with NUVO about the venue's closure, Indy's music scene, and supporting his fellow venue proprietors.


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