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The Vollrath takes The Pass


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Louisville-based electro/rock band The Pass will make their Indianapolis debut this Friday at The Vollrath Tavern. Instantly reminiscent of freak-out, synth-heavy bands like MGMT and Phoenix, The Pass describe their live show as lying somewhere between “the final act of a three ring circus and a rave in Prague”. Wes Smith, promotions and booking representative for Hidden Relic Productions, saw the band at this summer’s Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville and knew he simply must get them to Indiana.

The video below for their fantastic song “Vultures” begins with a lot of amateur-looking footage that leaves the viewer questioning the band’s legitimacy (toasters, pasta salad, chewed bubble gum, refrigerator magnets, beer pong, and more). But if you admire peculiar artists like I do (be it musical, visual, or any other kind of virtuoso), then the recurring scene of the band jamming in a small tent with lasers and fog will be enough to hold your attention. As the video continues, the shots become more abstract and garner viewer appreciation, allowing you to simply enjoy it for what it is- a crazy, weird, (and slightly creepy) house party.

The YouTube page states that there are over 30 references to music-related blogs and websites in the video.

Embryonic Fluid
  • kristan weatherford photography
  • Embryonic Fluid

Embryonic Fluid (improv/dance/livetronica) and Kaleidoscope Jukebox (down tempo/hip hop/funk/soul) will open the evening; both bands performed at the Wuhnurth Music Festival in September.


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