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The Woodhands feature Oreo Jones on free mixtape




Canadian electro/pop duo The Woodhands (who've played at both The Vollrath and Radio Radio in the last year or so) recently released No Feelings, a free mixtape (poking fun at Lil Wayne's No Ceilings mixtape released last fall) featuring local emcee Oreo Jones. While mixtapes are usually nothing more than remixes or new verse laid over already-released beats from other artists (and No Feelings is no different), Oreo Jones and The Woodhands wrote a brand new song for his contribution to the album. The track, streaming below, also features haunting beautiful vocals from KO, the leading lady of local freak folk band Slothpop.

'Cause we rhyme bay-buh.

The Woodhands feat. Oreo Jones & KO

Download the entire album here.

Track listing:
1. When A Milli Was Over f. Lil Wayne
2. Can’t See Straight f. Reese
3. CP2Low f. Ludacris
4. F!re f. The Knux
5. Nothin on Friends f. B.o.B. & Bruno Mars
6. Just Coolchazine f. Biz Markie
7. Talk f. Oreo Jones
8. Dancer f. Reese
9. Forgot About Dissembler f. Dr. Dre & Eminem
10. M.A.N.S.L.U.T.S. f. HOTTUB
11. I Want A Day N Nite Together f. Kid Cudi


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