Thee Tsunamis, Follies, Gloria Bangiola

When: Wed., Aug. 20, 8 p.m. 2014

@ 913 S. Lincoln (Bloomington)

This house show starts with an all-girls open mic and continues with music by all lady-bands. Now, usually we don’t like making the distinction between “lady” and “dude” bands because, well, bands are bands. But at events like this, which are purposefully trying to give female-identifying performers a friendly, encouraging environment to practice performing (per the event description), it seems apropos to acknowledge that Indy and Bloomington have beaucoup places for lady-led bands to encourage other young musicians to get their musical careers started. Just look at the proliferation of programming from Girls Rock! Indy and Girls Create Music Camp. As Ciara says, “Ladies, this your song / so as soon as this come on / you should get out on the floor.”

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