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Jan. 19, 1994- The coldest day in Indiana history takes place in New Whiteland, IN, at -38 degrees. Meteorologists would later dispute that it was actually two degrees colder in old Whiteland, but the town council motioned to have that day's official weather report stricken from the almanac.

Jan. 21, 1986- The Nude Olympics takes place at Purdue University for the last time. The tradition began sometime in the early 1980s and featured students running naked around campus as they were drilled with snowballs by spectators, giving Purdue their own version of a 'little five" competition.


Jan. 22, 1973- The US Supreme Court rules on Roe v. Wade, decriminalizing abortions under heavy pressure from the bumper sticker and poster board industries which have seen profits skyrocket ever since.

Jan. 23, 1984- Hulk Hogan escapes the "camel clutch" of the Iron Shiek to win his first WWF title. Decades later, he would be unable to escape the much more deadly "camel toe clutch" of his estranged wife, sending Hulkamania into a downward spiral.


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