Thumbs down: Cold, hard cash minus cash = cold and hard



Cold, hard cash minus cash = cold and hard

Speaking of Hoosiers' continued struggle to achieve or maintain prosperity, the Indiana Institute for Working Families delivered an ice-cold and all-too-familiar dose of realism in its Status of Working Families in Indiana, 2011 report released April 26. "The data shows a recovery in Indiana marked by a weakening labor force, an unprecedented decline in wages, and dramatic increases seen in its poverty rates," the IIWF said in an announcement of the report's release. The report said 2.25 million Hoosiers are poor, or near poor, as defined by federal poverty guidelines — more than a third of the state's total population. Other harsh notes includes Indiana 52 percent increase in poverty rate from 2000-2010, which is the sixth highest in the nation, and a 10 percent decrease in Indiana's Temporary Assistance to Needy Families caseload during the two years ending in December 2009 — even as unemployment increased 103 percent.


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