Thumbs down: Discrimination disability



Thumbs down – Discrimination disability

More than half the Hoosiers completing the Indiana Civil Rights Commission's Statewide Perception Survey report experiencing discrimination. More than 90 percent of the 912 adults responding from 67 Indiana towns said discrimination remains "a problem in Indiana." In addition, the study found "many Indiana residents are unaware of their protections under Indiana Civil Rights laws, and in turn, are unaware that the Indiana Civil Rights Commission exists." The greatest challenges involve reaching immigrants whose cultural and linguistic isolation often prevents them from understanding the laws or accessing care and often leads to greater chances they will suffer discrimination, the survey authors wrote. The report concludes that "(e)liminating the existenceof discrimination in order to build a better statewide commitment to equality is the task ahead." Based on recent legislative priorities, perhaps ICRC better start with some anti-discrimination education trainings at the Indiana Statehouse. Without a more holistic definition of discrimination though, one that appreciates the natural existence of LGBT people and immigrants within society, they'll probably continue to miss the target.


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