Thumbs down: Doggy deaths



Thumbs down: Doggy deaths

Once again, a well-intentioned, self-appointed, animal-rescuing citizen comes face-to-face with local animal control. In Indy's most recent case, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control removed 35 dogs from Jo O'Keefe's southside home. All across the nation, welfare advocates attempt to save animals from what may be cast as heartless bureaucratic ineptitude at underpaid, under-staffed animal control facilities. In Indy, one local rescue operator wrote in support of O'Keefe, more than 8,000 dogs and cats are put down a year. By contrast, he wrote, O'Keefe gives her all to provide new opportunities for rescues. The O'Keefe tale is all the more tragic since a dog's eye is said to have fallen out after being taken into IACC care and another dog died. What can be done amidst overwhelming numbers of homeless, needy dogs and cats? Spay, neuter, volunteer, adopt and foster responsibly. Check out NUVO's list of volunteering opportunities at local shelters and animal-rescue groups to find ways you can help.


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