Thumbs down: Headed for heat spike



We see it every day. A new report by someone about how hell-bent we are for planetary destruction. The most recent? A report by the World Bank that we're headed for 7 degree Fahrenheit spike in temp by century's end - due to the warming that results from the burning of fossil fuels. So this Thanksgiving, give thanks to Mother Earth, because she is all we have. Then set about a plan to reduce your own carbon footprint.

* Your home is your biggest emission. Use holiday gift money to invest in renewable energy and/or upgrade your existing appliances.

* Transportation. Stop driving to work alone. Sign up for Commuter Connect so you can find an opportunity to carpool or vanpool to work. Ride a bike or walk or take mass transit whenever you can.

* We know it's turkey day and all, but big agriculture - including animal agriculture - creates lots and lots of greenhouse gases. Reduce or eliminate meat consumption to help reduce CO2.

* Buy local, invest local, love local. Know where your food and beverages come from. Know your proprietors. Encourage your favorite proprietors to do what they can to reduce fossil fuel emissions, along with waste like Styrofoam.

* Wear a sweater, turn down the thermostat.

* Move beyond coal.

Let's transform this thumbs down into a thumbs up!

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