Thumbs Down: Honorable lawmakers?



Honorable lawmakers?

A bi-partisan coalition of state lawmakers last Thursday stomped on the hopes of Hoosiers who dream of upgrading the infrastructure of our capital city to modern standards. The House Ways and Means Committee killed the mass transit bill for several reasons — none of them pertaining to the bill itself. Some claimed they didn't want to vote for a tax increase. But the bill doesn't raise taxes, it gives Central Indiana citizens the RIGHT To VOTE on whether THEY believe the transit plan is worth funding with a fractional tax increase. Others refused to support the bill because it contained right-to-work language, language that, as politically toxic as it may be, will not effect Central Indiana mass transit issues because federal labor law trumps state law on any entity that depends on federal transportation dollars, entities such as IndyGo. In this grand pissing match, it's the people's interests that were soaked.


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