Thumbs down: On the street with AIDS



Thumbs down: On the street with AIDS

On one January 2011 night, at least one of the 1,567 homeless people advocates identified on Indy streets disclosed HIV infection. The number doesn't count couch surfers or the many people who subject themselves into vulnerable situations (where roommates steal food stamps, for instance) to secure a roof over their heads. Local service providers have made unprecedented strides in collaborative outreach and will discuss the path to continued improvement at a March 16 panel. The National AIDS Housing Coalition's Nancy Bernstine will keynote the event, which is set to run 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Friday at Herron School of Art's Eskenazi Hall, addressing how housing can be a platform for self sufficiency, health, wellness. "It's 200-seat auditorium," says Julie Fidler, a city grant manager working to stretch housing resources for the HIV/AIDS community.. "I'd love to have a line out the door. If you care at all about someone with the disease or someone at risk ... people who are interested should come."


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