Thumbs down: The problem with pink



Thumbs down: The problem with pink

The initial rumor was that football players at Eastern Greene County Middle School in Bloomfield were suspended for dying their hair pink in support of breast cancer awareness. Not true, said Sandi Yoo, the school's athletic director, but reprimands were issued because the hair dye violated the school's student handbook. Privacy issues precluded Yoo from naming names or delving into the particulars of the case. Yoo added that, as far as she knew, the rule would not preclude a brunette from dying her way to a blond. And, if the boys' dye job had been part of a larger school program, she said, that would be OK. Upon review of the handbook, the rule the students' dye violated is unclear, especially in light of the school's stated goal "to allow as much individual freedom of choice as possible in matters of dress and grooming, consistent with cleanliness, decency, and appropriateness to school purposes." On the bright side, at least the rouges succeeded in raising awareness.


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