Thumbs down: Thug life, losing game



Thug life, losing game

Maybe it started out as a girl fight. But it was finished by a dude with a gun — or some dudes with guns. At least that's one scenario that a local bystander said preceded Friday night's shooting of a woman on her bicycle near 39th and Hillside Avenue, just west of Keystone. The police - who believe "the victim was an innocent bystander and was simply riding her bike in the area" - reported finding 44-year-old Lisa Rogers collapsed in the street "with several gunshot wounds." Medics took her to Wishard where doctors classified her condition as serious. No updates to her case were available from police Monday. Indy: We can do better, but we won't until we make it clear to our neighbors and friends that settling petty scores with bullets adds up to a losing strategy for all involved. Man up and put the guns down!


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