Thumbs up: Celebrate 420 at the Statehouse



Celebrate 420 at the Statehouse

A thought for this year's 420 celebrations: If you believe in the healing power of weed, if you see the economic benefits for Hoosier industry and farmland values, if you would rather stimulate the local economy than the merciless multinational gangsters now raking in the profits, if you'd rather pay sales tax to support local addiction recovery programs than income tax to pay for prisons, write your representatives and educate your neighbors. Many Hoosiers believe "Reefer Madness" propaganda. Be kind, help them see the green(back) alternatives. Marijuana need not be smoked and the narcotic level can be adjusted anywhere from non-existent to mind-melting. The plant can yield oil and fiber, as well. Indiana marijuana is some of the best on the planet. Let's celebrate (and legalize) it!


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