Thumbs up: Forgoing empty festivities



Thumbs up: Forgoing empty festivities

The prognosis for Memorial Day Weekend: We've got a lot of reasons to celebrate. We have Lynyrd Skynyrd on Carb Day at the track. We have hundreds of state parks and forests where we can frolic. We've got local beer, wine, cheese and other provisions. We also have the option of employing the moral decency to pause in a moment of gratitude and meditation. This weekend, at least one Indiana family will be dealing with the fresh death of Army Sgt. JaBraun Knox, 23, of Auburn, who died last Friday in Afghanistan, the victim of an enemy rocket strike. Knox was a son, husband and father of a baby boy. Acknowledging his service and his "ultimate sacrifice" helps keep us grounded and aware that not all of us are partying this weekend. When some of us are sleeping off hangovers on Monday's holiday morning, others remain ever-vigilant.


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