Thumbs Up: The Best Super Bowl ever



The Best Super Bowl Ever

Congratulations, Indianapolis! Your name is now synonymous with rockin' party! The city looked great and people had fun —truly people from all over the world. A brief sampling of the extensive menu of countries from which media managers encountered reporting crews included London, Hungry, Mexico and several Asian nations. The game was broadcast in at least 10 languages, indicating the ever-more entrenched way the Circle City is entwining with global culture. Our iconoclasts love to bluster that once the show is packed up and rolls out of town, the afterglow will fade away into a hangover of debt. Smart money, however, says that week-long commercial for the city was priceless. (If we don't start rolling over stadium financing arrangements to a point where it gobbles too much cash flow.) Now if a legislative savior could only emerge in the Indiana General Assembly and get us rolling on our mass transit plan, we'll be able to take our game one step higher WHEN the Super Bowl returns.


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