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New Day Craft's Tia Agnew is here to answer some of our questions about her favorite spots to spend time and dime in Indianapolis. She's a tried and true lover of all things independent and funky, and her picks span the city. While you're in her favorite part of the city, Fountain Square, stop by New Day's tasting room for a sip of Johnny Chapman.

Best outdoor dining?

La Margarita. The beer and tequila list is damn fine, too.

Favorite place to get a pint?

Twenty Tap. So many taps, such great prices

Best place for a quick bite?

Rook. I can't wait for them to reopen!

Best large meal?

Black Market. So much great food.

Best wine/cider list?


Favorite cocktails?

Thunderbird for creativity, Brass Ring for straight up alcohol content.

Favorite Indy personality?

Greg the Mayor

Best breakfast/brunch?

SoBro Cafe for veggie food, Milktooth for meaty

Favorite place to take visitors?

Fountain Square. What did you expect me to say?

Best waterway?

White River by the Broad Ripple Art Center. You can almost forget how damn polluted our water is in Indiana.

Best new restaurant?

Thunderbird/ Pioneer. Are they new enough? If not, Pioneer. I'm stealing the bar paint color for my dining room.

Best vegetarian restaurant?

Spice Nation. Two words: Chat Night.

Anything else?

Man, this was WAY harder than I thought! Choosing my faves when I know so many in the biz...tried to spread the love. Let me know if you need anything else!


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