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Time to frolic in Lafayette

Start hydrating yourself now.


Lykaire at the Spot - SUBMITTED PHOTO
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  • Lykaire at the Spot
So it looks I’m the guy who is going to write about The Spot Tavern in Lafayette often. This is a good thing. Have you even been there yet? Okay, fine you were too busy with your “life,” but maybe this show preview for the Electronic Frolic III on July 15 will wet your whistle. (And, why are you wetting your whistle anyways? It’s not going blow very well when it’s wet. Oops, my editor just informed the correct word is whet not wet. Whatever.)

Electronic music. Spot Tavern. You’re coming this time. It’s the third in this series of local electronic artists from around the area. It’s a dance party at your favorite dive bar. Millennial Cheers. Everyone knows your meme.

The headliner for this intense but loose showcase of electronic jams is Johnathan Thomas. Johnathan is a multi-genre producer outside of Chicago, mixing juke with other influences, such as beat. He’s had releases on Seclusiasis Records, Italdred, and Saturate Records. Johnathan will be using the APC40 sampler with Ableton during the show, and you can also catch him the following night on July 16 at The Mousetrap in Indy.  

Next on deck is Lykaire (pronounced “like air”), a 21 year-old student from Purdue who often mixes EDM with his skilled accordion playing. Lykaire, real name Landon Lehman, will shift you to alternate toxic zones. Also an aficionado of Ableton software, Landon uses the AKAI MPD 26 sampler. Expect a bearded man delivering you pizza (he does that, too) and beats in a unique vibrating dome of dance.
Speaking of dancing, a lot of that has been going on at The Spot. Whether it’s jazz, punk, experimental, hip-hop, footwork, or any variation of EDM, this place is quickly becoming Lafayette’s place to really cut a rug. Yes, you can even literally cut a piece of a rug in this place. It’s that crazy!

As a patron of The Spot, I’m impressed with how well organized the Electronic Frolic series has been. For a place where start times typically never matter it’s a supreme feat to put on seven acts in one night. Overcoming the challenge is knowing where to place each act based on their equipment and overall sound. It’s less of a festival type of large lineup than it is a live playlist of energetic talent.

Carrying a lot of that energy is STQUEST, who premiered his trap-inspired DJ-ing last fall during The Spot’s first Hip-Hop series. Spreading his love for rap, Esteban Olivo Jr has been getting people hype by mixing popular tracks with lesser-known old school cuts. He’s also been working with a lot of local rappers, connecting with Chicago DJs, and making his name known.
Empty Space After Dark is the solo project of Paper Claw front man Tim Gick, and his 80’s industrial-based dance will get you moving and smoking (which you can do heavily indoors at The Spot). This entry in the night will give space to breath, but also keeping your teeth moving … from smiling!

Next up is Shxps, who is described as, “anime powered house and hip-hop,” on The Spot’s website. From a few listens to Shxps’ tracks on SoundCloud there also seems to be a touch of a vaporwave influence thrown in there. Remember vaporwave? Of course you do. Shxps will be performing using two turntables and Traktor. Just like the Beck song.

Then, Yuji, who will be using a Traktor S5, playing a mix of dance with avant garde songs, including drone, noise, ambient, and binaural sounds. To get a taste of what to expect, bounce on over to his SoundCloud page to hear live mixes from the Emerson Theater and other hour long standouts like YuJ!! Mix vol.7 Deep Chill.

Last but not least (actually the order will likely be tossed around, but posted the day of the show), Mememormee is from Indianapolis and shrouded in mystery. Maybe Mememormee is your mom. You never know. Expect quick bass beats with squeaky synth to get you the itch you need for the night.

Wow, that was exhausting. Start hydrating yourself now. Expect drink specials you will feel were made specifically for you, and take some needed breaks in the chill expansion of the outdoor patio. You’re going to need to rest.

If you go: 
Electronic Frolic III
The Spot Tavern, 409 S. 4th St.
Friday, July 15, 9 p.m.
$5, 21+ 


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