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Time to save Southside's Lizards


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Goliathon is one of the bands that will play this weekend at Lizards. - BRYAN MOORE
  • Bryan Moore
  • Goliathon is one of the bands that will play this weekend at Lizards.

In a struggling economy, local business owner Liz Bobb has decided to do everything she can to save her Southside Indy bar and live music venue, Lizards Pub & Eatery from biting the dust. Liz credits the slow profits of summer and the smoking ban to have an affect on falling behind on rent. But she's not giving up, so this weekend they are hosting a fundraiser to save the bar.

"We are to the point where we're going to have our doors closed and I told my dad, you know I'm not just going to have my doors closed and not go down without a fight at least," said Liz Bobb, bar owner of Lizards.

This Saturday and Sunday, Lizard's will have live music from 4 p.m. to close from twenty different local bands. Some acts include Jai Baker & Jason Squire, Coupe De Tat, KRUM, Zombie Bullets, The Hardees, Midwest State of Mind, Goliathon, Southern Djentlemen, Burn the Army and Dudes of Lord. They will also have several raffles giving away various prizes.

"It's amazing how many bands and all the support we have had from everybody coming out who wants to keep our doors open so they can have a stage to play," said Bobb.

Yesterday they held a car wash raising $400. Their goal is $5,000 to be comfortably back on their feet. Bobb said her goal for the future is to eventually make the bar an all-ages venue. But that will first require some remodeling.

"It sucks that our bar is getting ready to close, but on the other hand this happening has made me realize like, Wow we do have a lot of support and it's not our fault. It's just the economy is struggling," said Bobb. "I am lucky enough to have a lot of people that care, thank god."


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