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Tiny chat with Pugwash, The Vinyl Cats


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Irish pop-rockers Pugwash released their first studio album in more than four years on Sept. 4. Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends) features 12 tracks and shows the wide range in styles and songwriting by lead man Thomas Walsh. Local father son duo The Vinyl Cats will open for this show at Carmel's Warehouse. Here's a portion of our chat with both groups.

NUVO: This album differs from your previous pretty significantly, why the decision to make this type of album?

Thomas Walsh: Engineering wise it differs. Songwise it's still my kind of writing with the addition of one co-write with guitarist and co-producer Tosh Flood. I'm still trying to write the perfect pop song. That's my goal.

NUVO: The album is Play This Intimately, the tour is "Get Intimate", and the venue goes right along with that theme as well. What can fans expect from this show?

Walsh: The fans know to expect the unexpected at our shows. A lot of people travel from far and wide to see us so we like..nay must entertain them. It's the least we can do.

NUVO: It’ll be your first time ever in Indiana, what have you heard about this state?

Walsh: David Soul, Roy Wood and Ken Simpson of The Vinyl Cats have taught us all we need to know about Indiana. We can't wait to sample it's many flavours. Mmmmm.

[Editors note: Which takes us right into our chat with The Vinyl Cats]

NUVO: Pugwash mentioned they're learning about Indiana from you guys. What have you been telling the guys about Indiana?

Simpson: We basically tell them not to believe everything they've read about Indiana, lol! They had heard about Mike Pence and his silliness a few months ago and we had a laugh about that. We mostly talked about the live music scene and they knew there was potential for a real fan base here based on Paul Weller's success at The Vogue. Fountains of Wayne played here too and they enjoyed the fans that showed up very much. I also told them that we had a couple of very cool record stores in Broad Ripple (Indy CD & Vinyl and LUNA). The members of Pugwash are avid collectors of classic pop on vinyl!

NUVO: How do you think your sound compliments theirs as openers?

Simpson: I think we're a natural pairing with Pugwash because The Vinyl Cats play covers of songs from bands that Thomas Walsh has been directly influenced by (ELO, The Kinks, Paul McCartney, Fountains of Wayne, etc) We're doing a few originals from my EP as well...and those come from the same bowl of soup really...Britpop, classic pop, whatever you want to call it


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