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Touchdowns, bouts, and spandex... oh my



Participants at a water aerobics class
  • Participants at a water aerobics class

One of the subjects I can cover on my beat (she says while sliding a press pass into her fedora and searching for a scandal to expose) is sports and recreation. I’m not a sports person — I like to make the athletically-inclined twitch by saying things like, “I hope the Pacers score lots of touchdowns tonight!” — so I wasn’t entirely sure what I could discuss with any kind of authority. Then I realized I could cover women’s sports. Huzzah! Gone was the visual of me painting my face blue and white and trying to fit in at a Colts game, a blog which would have resulted in a lot of phrases like, “Some guy had the ball and that made all these OTHER guys mad and they jumped on him. The end.”

Although I don’t entirely understand football, despite my best efforts and many kind people explaining downs and attempts and why the GAME KEEPS STOPPING, I’m still interested in seeing the Indiana Speed play. I would also like to finally see the Naptown Roller Girls compete. I went to a bout last year in Detroit, so I know the general idea behind roller derby. (Skate fast. Turn left. Repeat.) And then, of course, there’s the Indiana Fever, although I can’t approach anyone on that team quite yet. I’ve seen some of the players with their height and hotness and I descend into a hand-flippy flustermumble that makes me want to sit down and drink lemonade while I think about puppies. Fever indeed.

While I work on covering professional sports, I thought I’d discuss my own athleticism. (Seriously.) After a long absence, I’m headed to water aerobics at the Jordan YMCA (8400 Westfield Road) tomorrow night. I’m nervous as though I have forgotten how to swim. Some trepidation is swimsuit-related. (Oh, the clinging!) Really I’m just concerned about keeping up because I'm out of practice, but I know I’ll be fine. I love water and my bounty makes me especially buoyant. I shall bob and crunch and kick and have, ahem, a gay old time.

For information about water aerobics (a.k.a. aqua fitness) at the YMCA (one of many places throughout the city that offers the activity), visit


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