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Truth & Salvage Co.'s Tim Jones Arrested in Hotel Room



Wanted to pass along a release I received about Tim Jones, the Indiana singer/songwriter/guitarist, known as one of the founding members of the Bloomington band Old Pike, and now with the LA-based Americana band Truth & Salvage Co. They played Birdy's on May 6, a homecoming show for Jones. Now this comes in... It is also posted on the T&SCo. website.

More to the story? Always. While we find out more, one of the oddest parts of the release is that authorities apparently tried wake up and arrest Jones's roommate, keyboardist/singer Walker Young, but, according to the info, were unsuccessful. That, my friends, is a well-timed deep sleep.

news release from Calabro Music
May 17, 2010
Tim Jones, one of the four singers/songwriters of the musical group Truth & Salvage Company, was shaken awake and ripped out of bed at the Marriott Hotel by Visalia Police while asleep in his hotel room. Jones was subsequently handcuffed, taken to jail and cited for trespassing and resisting arrest in his own hotel room.

While on a recent road trip to Visalia, California, the band finished their show at the Cellar Door and returned to the Marriott Hotel in Visalia at approximately 1 AM. Two Visalia Police officers and a Marriott security guard entered Jones’ room about an hour later and arrested Jones. According to sources close to the band, the Visalia Police officers unsuccessfully attempted to awake and arrest Walker Young, another Truth and Salvage singer who was sharing the room with Jones.

Instead of spending the night in his hotel room, Tim Jones spent the night in a Visalia jail cell. He was finally released at noon the following day.

Jones was set to be arraigned in the Tulare County Superior Court on March 9, 2010. Legal representatives of the band arrived at the courthouse to answer for Jones, only to find that the District Attorney’s office had not filed any charges against Jones at the time of the arraignment. To date, the Visalia Police have refused to release the police incident report to the Jordan Law Group; the Truth and Salvage legal team.

A source close to the band said, “It’s an abuse of authority for police and hotel security to enter a person’s hotel room without a warrant, wake them out of a sound sleep, cite them for trespassing and then haul them off to spend the night in jail.”

Jones did not have any outstanding warrants; he wasn’t suspected of, nor accused of, any crime prior to being violated by the Visalia Police and Marriott Security. He subsequently received medical treatment for injuries suffered during the arrest. Jones and his fellow band members, intend to aggressively pursue their legal rights.

Jones recently filed a claim for damages with the City of Visalia.



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