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Tuesday is the new Saturday: Let Go! at The Lockerbie



At the end of every month, online invitations for a “freak out dance party” at a small bar in downtown Indianapolis run rampant on social networking websites. The brainchild of A Squared Industries, Let Go! at The Lockerbie (on the first Tuesday of every month) has grown exponentially since its conception. A Squared says of their monthly shenanigans at the tiny pub, “We have been setting sales records at the bar, we've had to start moving tables and chairs out of the place beforehand so there is room for all the people, and we ruin Wednesday mornings every damn month - it's just getting to be too much fun.”

Too much fun? Hardly. Every month new pictures of a swarming dance floor and diverse crowd are published to the internet as evidence of another crazy night with Annie and Andy Skinner of A Squared Industries.

  • gregthemayor

As the monthly event continues to gain attention, A Squared continues to raise the bar. They are proud to announce that guest DJ’s (both amateur and seasoned) will be joining them behind the decks in coming months. Regulars at Blu Night Club will be excited for the April Edition of Let Go! as John Larner and Slater Hogan of Muzique Boutique join Annie and Andy at the DJ table.

This Tuesday, make sure your evening schedule includes a good, healthy power nap before heading out for the night. The extra dose of energy might be enough to fuel your dance moves until the party stops. Shaking off your Wednesday morning headache at work the next day?

You’re on your own there.

  • gregthemayor

For pictures of past events and the current Let Go! DJ schedule, visit the A Squared blog.


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