Two weeks notice, Indiana lawmakers


Have you ever been in a movie that went just a little too long?

The beginning was good, the story paced pretty evenly, and it had a great ending, or so you thought. The film kept going about a half-hour longer than it should have. And what started out as a good ending turned into something long and drawn out. Well imagine you are not in a movie theatre but in the 2012 Indiana General Assembly. As much as I have come to enjoy the series over the past seven years, this is one of those sessions where lawmakers should have called it a day about two weeks ago.

Lets face it: The 800-pound gorilla in the room is over, right to work. And some of the smaller stuff is mostly over, taxpayer refunds, compensation for State Fair victims, ending nepotism and conflict of interest in local government and even the smoking ban (which I doubt will pass) will get out of the Senate this week.

The only controversy left will concern the Indiana Department of Child Services.

Democrats are planning to make a big deal out of this in the last two weeks arguing too many children have died since 2007 because the state has switched to a centralized intake system of taking calls instead of local call centers and are demanding an audit of the department and adding more staff to the DCS Ombudsman to investigate complaints.

The Democrats' complaints may have some merit. Still, I expect this to turn into a giant dog-and-pony show because of the need to fill time and more importantly, fill headlines.

When Right to Work was the big issue, it managed to suck the oxygen, nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide out of the room.

And up until the Charlie White sentencing and the election commission, us media folks struggled to fill our newspaper space, airwaves and blog posts. This is why, I thanked God for State Rep. Bob Morris and his comments about the Girl Scouts. That was the gift that kept on giving, but should not have been necessary because lawmakers should have been gone.

They should have sine die and gone home. Alas, they did not and we have two more weeks left. Two more weeks for someone to say something stupid.Two more weeks of potential posturing. But the good news, when you get two-week notice, that means someone is leaving and come March 9, they will be gone.


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