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After observing Janet Klein in all her adorable stylishness, my mind naturally wonders toward dresses, especially dresses that would look pretty with my ukulele. It’s something I think about often. I think it’s alright to touch briefly on The Very Best Thing to Wear When Playing a Ukulele, here and now. Of course, we could all learn a little from Janet. She never misses a fashionable beat. Here she is, impeccably dressed and showing off her lovely ukulele.

A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, to many dresses, or too many ukuleles. You just need to make sure they all look pretty good together.

I gave Amanda Palmer a nod in a past blog, but, I didn’t dwell on her confident punk rock sense of feminine style. From the top of her tattooed eyebrows to tips of her barefoot toes, she rocks her own individual style—while playing a cheap little red ukulele. Check out this great video, compliments of The Boston Globe. It gives insight into her love affair with her own uke, while at the same time showcasing some really fabulous ukulele girl outfits. But, I do have to argue with her statement that the uke is "not very dynamic." Maybe she doesn't get out with other ukulele players very often.

The Ukalady (a.k.a. Thessaly Lerner) is a fashion statement unto herself. I’m a little frightened by her; I can’t help but wonder if she might channeling a frightening paranormal cocktail consisting of a dash of Tiny Tim thrown in with a splash of Gilda Radner’s infantile character, Judy Miller. The result is a little unnerving and not necessarily a musical delight. But, you have to give the girl credit for putting it all out there—and she writes some witty and satirical tunes about some pretty touchy subject matter. Some of her original tunes could resound like a slap in the face if it wasn’t for the crazed presentation and the perky ukulele accompaniment. I think she is actually a very smart girl. I’m also pretty sure she never finds herself in a fashion rut. Here, you can get a peek inside her insane wardrobe, where she chose to record a few songs:

The talented Zoe, who happens to be the president and founder of G.I.G.A.P.U.S. (Girls in Glasses and Playing Ukulele Society), wrote this catchy tune, from a kid’s perspective, about wearing a bikini. It’s cute and clever, just like Zoe.

Bikinis are probably the last thing on my mind at the moment. Costumes seem just a little more urgent to me than swimwear right now; I am just wondering what in the world I am going to wear for Halloween. Alice Chalmers and the Stick a Cork in Your Jug Band will be playing at Indy Hostel on Friday, October 29. It’s a costume party.

Aside from the predictable hula girl in a grass skirt costume, which seems most disagreeable to me, the first idea that springs to my mind is that I could dress up as a Marilyn Monroe, in one of my all time favorite movies: Billy Wilder’s Some Like it Hot. The film is set in the 1920s, and MM plays the ukulele. Maybe I could get a couple of boys to dress up as Josephine and Daphne, too. What could be more perfect?

But, I’m not entirely sold on that idea. If you really want to know what I choose, and what the other girls decide to wear, you’ll just have to make it out to the show.

Ukulele happenings this week:
Don’t miss the next meeting of Indianapolis Ukulele Fans at Sam Ash in Castleton, this Saturday, October 1. It starts and 10 and goes till around noonish. All ages and all levels are welcome.


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