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Unique “Installation Nation” Captures the Imagination


Inflatable Objects by Taryn Cassell - LINDSAY ROSA
  • Lindsay Rosa
  • Inflatable Objects by Taryn Cassell

When first stepping into the quiet and restful ArtsPark on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center, I didn’t know what to expect from Installation Nation which promised to showcase 14 “unique” works to viewers. Installation art, an artistic genre of three-dimensional works is site-specific and is designed to transform the viewer’s perception of a space. Installation Nation definitely transformed my perception of the outdoor space, but it did more than that. It captured my imagination. I was pleasantly surprised to see these dream-like works putting me in a playful mood in the intimate setting of the ArtsPark. Each work was in dialogue with one another while simultaneously expressing its own story. Appealing to my inner child, Dent Collaborative’s “Camp Dent” brought back memories of summer camp with its nostalgic representation featuring jewel toned tent-inspired fabric and even a canoe.

Sacred Pathways by Pamela Deaton - LINDSAY ROSA
  • Lindsay Rosa
  • Sacred Pathways by Pamela Deaton
The student work, “Life at Sidener” showcased the talents of students from Sidener Academy for High Ability Students. Showing that student life can be a bit messy, brightly colored melted crayon wax covered the negative space of the collaborative work with bold “LIFE” lettering. Situated nearby, Pamela Deaton’s rustic and whimsical “Sacred Pathways” used natural branches in its fairy-like miniature ladders and towers. Placed adjacently, “Indigo Mood” was reminiscent of beautiful and futuristic dreamcatchers. Installation Nation didn’t disappoint and I was left feeling more inspired after visiting this unique outdoor exhibit. Installation Nation runs through July 11 with a closing night celebration on July 10th from 6-10 p.m featuring live music and libations.


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