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Unplug and unwind at these Indianapolis bars and restaurants


Workingman's Friend giant doubt burger and onion rings, a thing of perfection. - CAVAN MCGINSIE
  • Cavan McGinsie
  • Workingman's Friend giant doubt burger and onion rings, a thing of perfection.
Burgers and brews
Workingman's Friend, Stringtown/Haughville, $

Get a goblet of beer, a double jalapeño burger and spend some time talking with the bartender and the regulars. Rather than talking about the outside world, spend your afternoon listening to the nearly 100-year history of this Indianapolis institution.

Drafts and darts
The Wellington, Broad Ripple, $$

It's easy to walk past this cozy little English-style pub and not even know it exists. If you did you'd be missing out. It's the perfect place for a night of catching up with old friends over a beer or two and a few rounds of cricket. It's also the perfect place to catch some unplugged shows down in the basement, also over a pint or two.

Classic films and cocktails
Brass Ring, Fountain Square, $
The closest thing to the modern world you'll find in here is if TCM happens to be playing Modern Times. Oh, and the Ring's craft beer is always new. Now that spring has rolled around, they may have the garage doors open on warmer nights ­— which is the perfect time to sit at the bar, enjoy the fresh air and spend the evening drinking and watching classic movies.

Music and making friends

Dorman Street Saloon, Cottage Home, $

Come on in, pick your favorite tunes on the jukebox, order a beer and a shot, and take them both in memory of Andy. Then spend the afternoon or evening (or both) enjoying some time talking with everyone and enjoying the song choices of soon-to-be friends. It doesn't get much better than that.

Cubans and conversations
Taste of Havana, Broad Ripple, $
The policy here is good food and no wi-fi, and that's fine by me. Spend some time chatting with George at the cash register while you're ordering a Cuban sandwich and some tostones. Then share some conversation and a cafecito with the other patrons. This is a place that is trying to get us to talk to one another while we eat, and that's more important now than ever.

Billiards and beers
Alley Cat, Broad Ripple, $

You come here for very few things; and that's not bad. You're here for inexpensive beer, maybe a shot or two and some rounds of pool with friends. It is the perfect place to go, turn off your phone and spend the evening having a good time and not giving a thought to all the shitty stuff going on around the world.

Wi-fi-free waffles
Peppy Grill, Fountain Square, $

Scenario: You're drunk. This is where you should go. Peppy's means cheap, good diner food. Plus it's the perfect spot for you and your friends to spend some time talking about that big trip you're going to take this summer while you sober up.

Sips and sax
Chatterbox Jazz Club, Mass Ave, $

A night of drinks and jazz is soul therapy. Chatterbox always has live music and stiff bevins to help take your mind away from your social media and the constant barrage of political travesties and worthless celebrity news.
Love Handle's sandwiches feature pork cheek, tongue, heart or belly. - CAVAN MCGINSIE
  • Cavan McGinsie
  • Love Handle's sandwiches feature pork cheek, tongue, heart or belly.

Pork belly and pour-overs
Love Handle, RMS10, $$

They say Disney World is the happiest place on earth, but I beg to differ. With a bowl full of pork belly B&G's, cheesecake and a coffee in front of you, Rad playing on the projector and Chris Benedyk's infectious laughter in your ears, you'll soon realize that the happiest place on earth is at 10th and Rural.

Hot Pot Aug and grog
Ralph's Great Divide, Lockerbie Square, $$

It doesn't get more laid-back than Ralph's. The fact is, with a belly full of hot, cheesy potato soup and a beer, the world can no longer bother you because you're in soup heaven. You're full. You're happy. You're safe.


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